Annual Report

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Für Sierra Leone e.V.


Annual Report 2017




on the occasion of the General Meeting 2017, 25 September 2018






1.       Introduction




The year 2017 was a good year for our Association. In the fourth year of its existence the Association was able to expand its activities.


The Association’s goal is to contribute to a long-term improvement and a positive development of Sierra Leone and the living conditions of its citizens. In the past year the Association was supporting five projects.




Basically we aim to support multiplier effect projects or projects, for which public funds don’t exist. We aim to create results that are visible and experienceable, which we can realize with the help of our network and know-how, unlike to common money-transfers.


We focus our support on four important fields: 1) Education/Vocational Training; 2) Infrastructure/Water Management; 3) Entrepreneurship/Business Start-ups;


4) Emergency Aid.




2. Finances




The Association „Für Sierra Leone e.V.“ had 26 members at the end of the year 2017. The membership fees amounted to 5,200.


In 2017 the Association received additionally 39 donations with a total of 117,930.




The amount of 77,684.63 was spent on project-based matters. That means in fact, that the expenses doubled compared with the last year.




No costs are incurred for the current administration (rent, secretariat, communication). The Board of the Association and the cash auditor didn’t receive any compensation for their work.


The net income calculation had been provided by the auditor Reinhold Eder as last year. In consequence the total amount of fees and donations can be invested in our aid projects.




On 31 December 2017 the Association had cash funds of 129,868.15.


In the next item of the agenda, the topic of finances, will be comprehensively presented by the treasurer.




3) Projects




The Association „Für Sierra Leone e.V.“ was supporting five projects in the last year:


            a) UMC Campbell Town Primary School, Waterloo


Since December 2014 the Association is supporting the UMC Campbell Town Primary School, initially in the framework of an emergency aid program after the outbreak of the Ebola virus. The monthly donations allow the most needy children to be provided with basic services like food, medical care, clothes and school supplies. The total amount of funding in 2017 was 16,020.




More than 600 children could participate in the lessons in 2017. Nevertheless the spatial capacities and infrastructure (kitchen, sanitary facilities) of the school had been exhausted. Highly engaged, the teachers compensated this fact with makeshift solution. Despite that the UMC Campbell Town Primary School was classified in category A, the highest level of quality for Primary Schools in Sierra Leone.




            b) Hosetta Abdullah Memorial Special Needs School


The Hosetta Abdullah Memorial Special Needs School has been supported since 2015 and receives monthly donations. The monthly donations provide the children with basic services like food, clothes and sanitary items. The total amount of funding in 2017 was 5,387.50.




            c) Well-drilling School


The Association supports the project of the well-drilling school that has been realized in collaboration with Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V. and the Association EMAS International. The donation in 2017 was provided for basic equipment for the well-drilling school (electrical installation), for the initial equipment of             the mobile well-drilling school and also for the redesign of the outdoors exhibition area (test drillings, sanitary facilities, wells for demonstration). The total amount of donation was 10,000.




In 2017 the focus of the well drilling school was the „Bonthe project”: Bonthe is a peninsula at the southern coast of the country. The project was integrated in the framework of a national project to improve local water management. In the network of WHH and GIZ, our well-drilling school was commissioned to drill more than 500 wells. The project extended to 2018 and was completed successfully. Due to this project unfortunately, the further progress of the school had been delayed (technicians training, mobile school).




In coordination with the project partners, the school management was released from its duties by Deutsche Welthungerhilfe in autumn 2017 after a special investigation and replaced by a new team.




d) Water supply Hastings


The Association supported the new construction and expansion of the Hastings Dam in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs Stuttgart-Flughafen, Emmental, München Königsplatz and Rotary Freetown. The project was completed in December 2017, after the expansion of the dam and construction of the water pipelines and wells. The total investment for the project amounted to 135,000. Our Association was providing 4,150 and numerous hours of coordination and management work. Now, more than 350 households with 3,500 persons are provided with fresh drinking water as well as a school, a hospital and a public institution.




e) Emergency Aid Mudslide August 2017


In August 2017 a mudslide in Freetown caused hideous injuries and deaths: More than 1,000 bodies have been found death and 5,000 people have lost their homes. Because of the heavy rains the whole country was flooded. With our emergency aid and the amount of 30.607,50 we realized a fast response that we implemented in three ways:




1)      The allocation of water, food and sanitary items, clothes and covers in three camps. This action was organized by our Project Manager Joseph Cole. For the first period, we cared for 400 families.


2)      Our association supported Don Bosco in Freetown who accommodated 300 affected children. We helped to provide them with the most necessary items and supported the care of the traumatized children.


3)      The Deutsche Welthungerhilfe in Sierra Leone asked for our support for the flood victims in Bo. We supported the project financially.




Our Project Manager, Mr. Joseph Cole Jr., is supervising the implementation and progress of our projects and reports regularly to the Board of our association. Especially after the mudslide, Mr. Cole Jr. reacted rapidly and organized the aid highly engaged. For expenditures and compensation, Mr. Cole Jr. received an amount of 5,648.50.




In 2017 the Board of our Association has held a work-shop in conjunction with a consultant regarding the “review and development perspective of the association Für Sierra Leone e. V.”. Besides the Board and Management also other dedicated members of the association took part in the discussion. The past activities were critically questioned, new areas of activities and organizational issues of a further expansion of the activities discussed.




4. Current activities of the Association




In spring 2018 Sierra Leone was holding the presidential and parliamentary elections. The president was replaced by the oppositional candidate of SLPP, Julius Maada Bio. In total, the elections have been peaceful and also the transition of the Government was, as far as possible, trouble-free. The resulting administrative changes have delayed some processes, what is still perceptible in the work of the Association.




The Board of the Association travelled to Sierra Leone after the elections, first of all, to get a personal impression if the new administration and second, to visit all current projects. A new journey to Sierra Leone is planned in November 2018.




A special highlight of this year was the „Bike-Challenge“ of our member, Tim Kremer. He participated in the TransAmerica Bike Race and mastered to drive 6.800 kilometers from the west coast to the east coast of the United States - and it took only 26 days! He appealed for donations in favour of our Association and received 13, 000 for us. Much obliged! In total we received more than € 25,000 in donations in the current year so far.




Since July 2018, Ms. Gabriele Rybing is supporting our Association. As a bank clerk she will help us with the controlling of the projects in Sierra Leone. This became necessary due to the rising funding volume.




As of today Ms. Paulus decided for professional purposes to resign her post as a Member of the Board of the Association. We want to express our sincere thanks for her work und active support of the Association.




The proposed candidate for the post as a Member of the Board of the Association is Mr. Joachim Geitner. Mr. Geitner (37, business graduate) is entrepreneur and personally known by the Board of Association. Mr. Geitner had always been very interested in the progress of the Association and is a member since 2016. Currently, he is focussed on the development of a training project in Sierra Leone.




Let me please sum up our current work in Sierra Leone:




-      The Hasting Dam was completed at the beginning of the year and is now administrated by the community. Now it is important to check the water’s quality, to maintenance the dam and find a fee structure for the users.




-      The supporting of the „UMC Campbell Town Primary School“ will include the provision of basic services like food, medical care, clothing and school supplies. At the end of the year, we will start a fund for the Ebola orphans. The fund will provide them further support after their  change from Primary to  Secondary School.




-      The Hosetta Abdullah Memorial Special Needs School was monthly supported in 2018 to provide the children with food and clothes. Furthermore, two trainees were working during an internship. Ms. Gaul and Mr. Chab are giving an insight into their work at the Hosetta Abdullah Memorial Special Needs School and are presenting their report in the General Meeting.




-      The collaboration with the well-drilling school will be continued, even if there had been interferences. A stability regarding the funding is very important to safe the progress. We will observe the development and further progress very accurately. After a personal meeting with the new manager we had a positive impression.




-      The Board of the Association is examining a new request of our project partner Don Bosco that regards the follow-up support of the victims of the mudslide of 2017. The project comprises the water supply for a new built housing estate for particularly affected families.




-      The ordered feasibility analysis about modernization of the water supply at the Hospital “St. John of God” in Lunsar was not providing the necessary information for a positive decision for the financing of the project. A new analysis is currently being drawn up.


-      Because of the expansion of the activities of our Association we plan to get registered as a non-profit NGO in Sierra Leone. This implicates that we will need an office in Sierra Leone and a Managing Director which at current state of knowledge will be Mr. Joseph Cole.




In the current year the Board anticipates project-related expenses on a prior-year level. The expenses should be covered by member fees and additional donations. For the planned project in 2019 the association has to raise further money.




5) Forecast 2019




In addition to the mentioned ongoing projects the Board is currently investigating about possible initiatives in 2019/2010. Among them are the following:




-     A university cooperation in the field of special education between the University of Würzburg and University of Makeni (Educational Collaboration of Bayern and Sierra Leone)


-     The establishment of a secondary school as an extencsion for the UMC Primary School


-     The establishment of a web development school in Sierra Leone




We want to thank our members, friends and donor for the long-standing, generous material and ideal support in the previous year. Special thanks to Mr. Reinhold Eder, our auditor, and to our cash auditor Dr. Albert Graf von Schönborn. Both support us voluntarily with knowledge and experience. And finally, thank you Joseph, for your great commitment and implementing our ideas and projects on-site.




Grünwald, September 2018


The Board




Dr. Dietmar Scheiter                                       Patricia Paulus                                    Dr. Petra Wibbe