Objective & Purpose

The association Für Sierra Leone e. V. was founded in 2013 by committed citizens from Munich who are interested in Africa. The objective and purpose of the association is the promotion of an understanding between the citizens of Sierra Leone and Bavaria, and the development of cooperation in and with Sierra Leone. In particular, the association aims at providing financial and material assistance to projects in Sierra Leone that promote adult education and vocational training, as well as the health system, or that develop the infrastructure and sustainably improve the living conditions of the citizens of Sierra Leone.


The association’s purpose shall be achieved in particular through the following activities:


In Sierra Leone

  • Projects to improve regional water supply
  • Projects to improve regional health care

  • Financial and material support for training and study visits of scientists, teachers, educators, students and pupils from Sierra Leone in Germany and vice versa (award of scholarships etc.)

  • Financial and material support for setting up small companies

In Bavaria

  • Planning and conducting of cultural activities (lectures, exhibitions, festivals, exchange visits)