Emergency Response to Mudslide

August 2017: Sierra Leone struggles with the consequences of a mudslide, caused by heavy rains and floods. Some of the Communities around Freetown are totally destroyed. Over 1.616 Households (more than 5.951 victims), which have been surprised by the floods of mud from the landslide, were registered by 31 August. Most of them are homeless now. According to the government, over 500 bodies have been found dead, but at that time there are still missing about 810 persons. The workers from humanitarian organizations in Sierra Leone worry about disease outbreaks following the disaster and claim it as a high risk because of polluted water.


We immediately contacted the German Embassy of Sierra Leone in Berlin and the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe in Sierra Leone, after we heard the unpleasant news. We had an agreement about immediate aid and action and started already to realize the program: Thanks to the financial support of our members and sponsors, we implemented an emmergency concept, planned in collaboration with our project manager in Sierra Leone: Joseph Cole started with an allocation of resources (water, food items, hygiene products) in 3 emergency camps. During the first day of action, we registered 150 women, who were able to provide their families for more than one week with food. Such allocations were held in three intervals.