Over many years Tim Kremer has been a member of our association and one of our great supporters. in 2018 he decided to compete in the famous Transamerica Bike Race and combine this with a donation campaign for Für Sierra Leone e.V.: His challenge was to bike from Astoria (Oregon) to Yorktown (Virginia) - so he put 6800 kilometers back!

The Tour was absolutely „self-supported“ (that means it was on his own responsibility, without external support or supervision) and a true challenge because of the long duration and the varying weather conditions.


Thank you for your donations! Every single Cent is used for projects of our association Für Sierra Leone e.V. and help the people in Sierra Leone. The whole Tour was tracked (


Tim also opened a group in WhatsApp to report about his progress and daily impressions. For further information about the race, which takes place for the fifth time now, we linked you the documentation about it: We send best wishes and thanks out to Tim for your incredible commitment!